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Tax Deferment That Works

1031 Front Range Facilitators have formed a new company that is excited to focus on specialized tax deferment services that will help you manage your investments wisely. Known as Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, our certified 1031 experts will help you defer capital gain taxes on the sale of your real estate, while rolling the profit back into new purchases. If you have a property that you want to sell, call us. We'll see if the real estate you hold qualifies for a tax deferred exchange. We specialize in the following areas of this innovative tax law:

Delayed or Forward Exchange This can be very advantageous for businesses and entrepreneurs that are selling a property and planning on purchasing a new one.
Reverse Exchange When you find a new property you wish to buy before you sell your current one, 1031 Front Range Facilitators Inc. can take title to the property in a single member LLC for you, while you market and sell your exchange property.  After the sale, you will acquire the replacement property from our LLC to complete your exchange.
Improvement or Construction Exchanges This type of exchange allows the investor to purchase property needing renovation or to build the replacement property to the investor's specifications. We will hold title to the property in our single member LLC during the improvement or building process. When it's completed, we will sell it back to you.

How It Works

This powerful tax tool may help you defer capital gain taxes on profit made from real estate transactions, as well as leverage the value and equity of your property into others of more value. Let us advise you on reinvestment opportunities and take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

We'll start by gathering important information, such as who holds the title and whether it's listed as an individual, partnership, or trust. The new property that you will reinvest in must be bought by the same person or in the same corporation's name. The property in question must be purchased within a 180-day window of the original sale. If you have not found a property to reinvest in within the first 45 days of the 180 day window, it's as easy as identifying the property that you are looking to buy and sending us a letter that lists the potential properties that you are choosing from.

Our tax specialists will also review any requests to take money out of the transaction for other purposes, and review any other issues that you might face.

From start to finish, we're the tax company that will be by your side. We also work with title companies at your closing, and we'll set up the trust account that's required by the IRS. Since you cannot access your funds during a transfer, it must go into a trust account on your behalf.

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